Coney Farm April 2013

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Thanks to so many for coming, which made it a very good start to the Syncro season.

A very convivial meet, lots of children that seemed to be having a whale of a time ignoring the weather that definitely had its moments, good, bad and quite ghastly. Lovely around the campfire both nights we thought.


  • 54 people altogether… 4 caravans, 2 tents, a centrally heated tarpaulin Nissan hut, a real outbreak of beards, estimated at 14.5… .
  • 23 Syncros on site and 20 on the hill at one time, 16 on Sunday morning, probably a record for an April Coney. Oh! One Land Rover and a Ford Focus, the former driving everywhere and the latter nowhere J
  • Wet & Slippery grass
  • Caravan Culture

Video by Paul!

Thanks to all those who brought firepits, firewood, fuel, club equipment, shelters, cakes, puddings and nibbles, the bag lady, the Irish for getting the ferry & charitably fitting interiors; the bringing and the swapping of parts; those who marshalled, inducted, recce’d, set up and ran the trials; and of course those who observed the Friday night fish’n’chips tradition set many years ago now.

…not forgetting those first timers who took a chance on us..OK:

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