Club 80-90 Syncronauts

The Club 80-90 Syncronauts is a division of Club 80-90 that was created to facilitate Syncropendence; the first UK gathering of T25 Syncros. The Syncronauts is an MSA Registered club. This provides us with reasonably priced public liability insurance for our events.

What are the Syncronauts about?

The Club 80-90 Syncronauts was formed to offer Syncro owners the opportunity to go to off-road events and use their Syncro off road.  The only charges are made to recover site and insurance fees, with a small percentage being used to buy essential club equipment such as fire extinguishers and other safety equipment.

What can we offer?

If Club 80-90 is the UK’s best source of advice and information for T25 owners then the Syncronauts are the best source of advice and information for T25 Syncro owners. Our members have a wealth of experience, from using the Syncro off road (there is a comprehensive guide), through advising how to do Syncro-specific jobs on your van. Our membership means if you have a problem or query someone will be able to help you.

What are the Sycnronauts really about?
Maybe to . . .

help other Syncro owners best appreciate their pride and joy’s quite remarkable abilities, giving them confidence through shared experience, knowledge and mutual support so to best maintain its condition – keeping as many of these noble mounts on the road for years to come.