Travel routes

 Al_route_small  Ireland_route_small
 Al & Hariet’s East Europe route  Ireland 2011 route
 pyrenees_route_small  pyrenees_route_detail_small
 Pyrenees 2008 route  Pyrenees 2008 detailed route
 los_picos2_small  Wales2012_route_small
 Los Picos 2011 route  Wales 2012 routes


Membership 2021

To join or renew your membership of Club 80-90 Syncronauts please fill in the online membership form.

Syncropendence 2021

NB Booking closed at midnight 22 August.

Les Comes Syncro 35

The re-scheduled 4×4 festival Les Comes  (near Barcelona) will take place October 15, 16 and 17, 2021

Those with tickets for the cancelled event do not need to re-book. You can find more information here.