Coney Farm April 2007

You can read discussion about the event on the forum here.

Although we have been to Coney Green Farm five times over the last three years, we tend to treat the early April Fool’s Day event as a bit of necessity! The main excuse is that it’s necessary to offer newcomers a chance to be inducted in driving their Syncros in a well known and thus safe environment It can in fact, be quite challenging and some areas require great respect, especially after a night of rain!

This year, we again had some great driving, and great fun too… and even the strong and cold winds did not extinguish people’s enthusiasm. The DoDoka Project Doka was back after a long delay, and gave several the chance of a drive where otherwise they might not have, although seriously underpowered and not on top form (it’s now in dock awaiting a re-dieseling).

But the winds got up a lot and a large marquee went flying while we were away driving, landing on and damaging a trailer-tent belonging to first timers Pete and Sharon. Undaunted, and having both enjoyed the driving opportunities there, as well the social side of the club, Pete, Sharon and their two children have since been to every event on the calendar this year!