Syncro Eire June 2011

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Paul, Dave and Andrew (jebiga41, Crankin-wagen and SyncroPaddy) organised (probably the first ever) international flavour Syncro Circuit of Eire. It was great success, with two set camps at set times, and a free-for-all tour of the country Before, between and after times, a sensible formula.
4 vehicles from England, 3 from Ireland and about 7 from France attended.
It was soon apparent that the French knew a thing or two about wild camping in style, with their market stall setting up on the first evening and appearing at surprisingly short intervals, with great wine, champagne, cheeses and Syncrobilia on sale at fair prices.
As expected, the weather was mixed, from lovely to quite dreadful. If you do go to Ireland, pray for good visibility, most parts are quite stunning.
PS. And the French know a thing or two about off-road driving too, though Paul introduced them to ‘waffle boards and their usage in peat bogs’.




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