Mendipidy 2015

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Near Priddy again with the excellent Queen Victoria pub in striking distance of a wet and windy walk !
Cold, wet & windy! Always bring windproof clothes and All Terrains at a minimum Although a plus point was the improved loos… a somewhat longer drop this year 

We met more new members and those new to driving Syncros off-road. 16 vehicles arrived altogether.

Saturday – good day on the site. Despite the style of the site (rough going mostly) it seems most find some good driving there that tests either their capabilities or their vehicle…
Roger in his Audi Quattro Auto certainly surprised many with how far he could climb. In fact just being there down in the gully was impressive let alone along the ridges!
Some driving induction on the ideal fine grass slopes was given to those not previously of the Syncro persuasion before feeling their way a round the sometimes challenging site’s tracks and gaining confidence – usually rapidly.

Sunday – green laning – much better weather than at Priddy. Nice walk to visit iron age long barrow after lunch.



Being the first event of the year always good to have a bit of a shakedown and a good scrute before the event – in theory. In practice this seems to be the event we should scrutinise well and offer our annual H&S blurb; experienced advice plus prayers for a serendipitous outcome!
More than one had the typical loose driveshaft bolts, loose hub nuts (front usually) aren’t uncommon, forgotten front bashplate (me, thanks Patrick ), etc.
On that note we met Dai coming down lane the opposite way on Sunday – due a Mr fixit delay..… needed a tree stump removing at the face-off. So we could go back and he forward. Sorted ! A pruning saw and a small axe can be useful.

Got back to campsite and it was blowing a hooley and shelter tent almost flying away.

Group meal at pub Sun evening.. always a treat to sit down with a table-full of fellow & fellowess Syncronauts and talk crap whilst eating simple good food and supping even better beer.

Bank Hol Monday – many packed up to go home & others visited Wilkins Cider farm. ‘twas good cider (you know that half a pint we all allowed ourselves). Bought a gallon to take to the French meet (see next) plus some cheeses and pickles.. all good!