Wales Laning 2010

Syncro forum piccies and discussion here.

The Syncronauts still hadn’t run out of fuel by the beginning of October, and that was a good thing! Because, everyone had smiles on their faces when returning both days, two groups went North and two South, each day. We have Doug & Aidan to thank for working out where we went, but wherever it was, thanks, it was very pretty in places, gave some incredible views from on high and there were some great scrambles, a delight for Syncro drivers 

Jenny found us a great campsite, affordable with good facilities and in a very lovely spot in my opinion, so thanks go to her again.

I’d also like to thank all those who took a gamble on this event, especially those we’ve not met before, because I think it was the highlight of the season. We hope to see you again, next year, whatever we decide to go, could be anywhere, probably will be anywhere 

Jed’s brilliant YouTube video