Adventure Overland Show 15

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Our last meetup for a really good post season natter and I’ve not met anyone yet who hasn’t enjoyed coming, whether the main AO show is good bad or indifferent we tend to do our own thing, and Stratford-Upon-Avon is reasonably central and convenient to get a good turnout: this year 30 trucks including new visitors to our camp including Peter Eltee making it from Scotland (amazing Nato blackout van) as well as Mel & Dean and Richard & Lee and Leo & Anna from Wales as well as Martin (Marlow) from Ireland in his LT.

So we took over an area considerably larger than originally demarcated and if you look at the great photos from Martin’s camera drone you’ll see how cosy we were…


And by Saturday morning we needed heat and cosy… these were the coldest weekend mornings this year and being near the Avon and very flat on the racecourse, dramatic mists, but leading to lovely clear days.

Our large Coleman shelter was erected with Campervan Culture’s show stands adjacent and Huw‘s electrical/Solar stall across the way.


During the day an updated Syncronauts’ events and travels display, co-ordinated by Jenny, filled the shelter but by 7-00pm a perimeter of tables was becoming laden with delicious Indian food.
Maybe someone counted but there must have been 25 major dishes to sample as well as many nibbles, breads, sweets and desserts.


For an hour or two leading up to kick-off (!) our encampment was full of cooks a cooking; on loadbeds; in the open; in ovens, in campers and chefs a cheffing even around the entrance to the Coleman…
The drink wasn’t bad too.. certainly plenty of Cobra and Indian beers.

Thankyou everyone… it was terrific, we were told by… everyone 

Well fed, those who fancied watching the Rugby WC face off between
Wales Vs England set off for the big screen provided by the AO crew.

Others just enjoyed a few more drinks out in the open enjoying the lovely clear evening as the full blue Moon readied itself soon to be eclipsed.

Sunday dawned fair again after that cold night and like as not many made a quick race around to those stalls and bargains spotted the day before.
Oh! While others started the clear up…

With thanks to the helpers and organisers, Max, Sharon, Debs, Fiona and Jenny and to Ian for his VC display. Many thanks to young Isaac and Max for ‘patrolling’ and keeping the displays in good order!


Adventure Overland Show 2015 from on Vimeo.