Syncropendence July 2012

and NorthWales & CamperJam

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For some time we had planned to invite members of the French Syncro club to our main summer event and this year seemed ‘now or never’, so to make it a full week for them, Syncropendence was moved forward from its normal week to allow for a visit to CamperJam the next weekend. The whole week in between was filled with camping, touring and off-roading in the Snowdonia region.


Paul’s video taster of the week



Four French visitors attended SP9, Rob Baetson fromHollandand our member Jason Edwards also drove from his home inDenmarkso giving the week a good international flavour.


31 Syncros and over 50 people came to Wales. Due to heavy rain Saturday conditions became quickly dangerous on the grass up on the hills, as well as very difficult to negotiate in some of the well rutted muddy gullies. We mostly abandoned the hill driving until later. Paul came to the rescue by setting up a trial in the field across the river from the campsite. Sunday turned out eventually a much better day, those that ventured up and out finding much better conditions though still a stimulating challenge getting about; some visitors enjoyed a relaxing afternoon nature ramble through the steep woods, footpaths and rocky climbs before resuming driving the site


Jason’s video



Many contributed to making SP9 a great Syncro festival on the social side, but particular thanks for help and commitment must go to Simon & Tracy Whitmore (large marquee, food, drink and organisation), Neil and Sally (food) and Aidan Talbot (facilities made available) and Paul & Jenny (food and overall organisation).


The social theme throughout the whole week was nibbles and drinks every evening, come what may… everyone provided something at some time, an enormous variety, with Daniel & Yves always ready to contribute a nice wine or some food from their stall – a great success.


Jacky & Marinette’s slideshow




On the Monday after SP9, 13 travelled on up theNorth Walescoast to Shell island, to base themselves in the dunes there for touring and green-laning Snowdonia. It rained again, and again…  Two day-long laning excursions were driven, taking in some places challenging, picturesque and classic routes, that everyone enjoyed immensely. A mid-week free-day touring and visiting was also scheduled, so by the Friday morning (raining again) breaking camp for the convoy drive (an event in itself!) to CamperJamWestonParkwas the order of the day


Marie-Therese and Yves’ report



Arriving at Camperjam circa 6pm Friday, it was Ahem! Wet. Very wet under tyre, but we sploshed through nicely to our designated area, showing off a bit I suppose. Before settling down one or two had started towing mainly stranded T4s and T5s out of trouble.


As last year, and despite deep mud everywhere, a relaxed and friendly atmosphere pervaded. Saturday we were slated to create an interesting static display of our Syncros, which looked great, Dai’s fabulous expedition ‘stripey’ taking pride of place, Daniel & Yves setup their French Market stall again, a big success wherever we were, CJ staff photographers got to work and then we broke up for the evening.


A final foray for the Sunday, was planning and running a ‘Syncro experience’ in an on-site disused quarry, which again became a great photo opportunity for CJ and gave quite a few visitors new to Syncro an eye opening trip, the going cutting up quickly to a very slippery clay on some steep climbs and descents.
By Sunday afternoon the weather was much improved, as a somewhat sad time approached – many goodbyes to those we’d been camping & travelling with for 10 days, although with a resolution to meet again in France next year.(4th~12th May has now been suggested).



If you haven’t already read the article, Issue 61 of VW Camper & Commercial has a four page picture spread of the Syncronauts off-roading at CamperJam.

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