Syncropendence July 2013

and NorthWales & CamperJam

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A very good turnout seeing as several regulars couldn’t make it this year, as well as being brought forward a week to fit in with CamperJam so clashing with Glastonbury, our main competitor these days.

Thanks all for enjoying yourselves, which I think everyone did, detected a less frenetic and nicely laid back atmosphere; what a contrast to the challenging and annoying rain last year… rain’s alright beforehand, but on the way up and whilst there not so.


Good to see several first timers to SP this year, helped make up for the regulars who couldn’t make it – punch hunt was good fun again even though a couple must have been buried six foot under!

Jed and Simon TooManyToys, with help from a few others ran a (very interesting and educational) recovery techniques workshop. Safe connections, equipment stowage and long line winching and vehicle stabilizing. Definitely to be repeated.

Dai, Patrick, Paul, Neil & Jenny did most of the organisational background work, Aidan made his workshop and ablutional facilities available as well as storing essential equipment. Simon TMT needs mentioning again for arriving early with the beer (will change supplier next year!) and for taking on the scrutineering.- not the most enviable job first thing. Aidan setup a trial.

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Week in Wales. Post Syncropendence Tour Group (a fairly Diehard band of brothers & sisters)

This year the diehard band of brothers (& sisters) constituted 7 vehicles and 9 peeps, headed for the Llyn Peninsula up near Snowdonia…finding a near perfect coastal campsite. Until the wind blew , and blew and blew… a good week living, cooking and touring together or in smaller groups, ending with ropewalks and off-road Segwaying, before leaving for…


CamperJam July

As last year, this followed the weekend after SP.

Terrific festival atmosphere again, much less mud this year (none), great field to camp. No offroading but we have started discussions early on remedying that for next year.. A good contingent turned up to make the Syncro enclave lively and fun.

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