Useful Part Numbers

Example format…

Description 123-456-789 X (VAG Part No) £VAG (price Jan ’04)

Paper Element, Round Air Cleaner 1986 to 1991 (Std Duty) 025-129-620A 2WD and replacement, equiv available from JK and GSF (~£7-50)

Paper Element, Round Air Cleaner 1986 to 1991 (Heavy Duty) 025-129-620B Std Syncro factory fit and for Dusty Conditions £35-25
Oil pressure switch (2.1 DJ/MV DOP system; low press; nearside cyl. gallery) 0.15 ~ 0.35 bar 028 919 081 D £7-40

Diff-Lock Actuator Parts
Vacuum Actuator (Throttle) Unit 251 711 822

Vacuum Actuator (Throttle) Unit Bracket (Retainer) 094 301 142 £18-92

Long thin bolt (2) secures Diff-lock unit (Throttle unit) to Bracket M4x55 N 100 538 01 £0-35
(being very small the heads on these corrode and get rounded off)

Diff-lock electric tell-tale switch 013 941 521 A £11-96

Compression washer for above not supplied/unknown part no.
(being light alloys, the above two parts corrode very badly)

Diff-lock electric tell-tale switch – Rubber Cap 191 919 459 £1-55

Spring-pin (roll-pin) (3dia. x 10mm) – Vac Actuator pushrod securing N 013 294 2 £0-23

Circlip (Ring) – Pushrod Bush Retaining N 012 417 1 £0-26

O-ring for diff-lock pushrod bush (seals bush in transaxle or front diff unit) 19.7mm x 1.7mm O-ring N 902 621 01 £0-26
(O-ring can easily get damaged (split) when freeing up a seized pushrod; some don’t replace hoping a small oil weep will stop it seizing up again)

Brakes//Hub Access

Front Driveshaft Nut VM20x1.5 N 100 853 01 (Bentley says replace every time, most do not) £2-19 ea

Also split-pin (5×55)

Rear Driveshaft Nut M30x1.5 N 901 496 01 (Bentley says…) £5-00 ea

Disc Securing Screw (Socket Cap Screw) Csk M8x16 N 100 915 01

Front Brake Disc (258×16) 251 407 615 Q (GSF 60111 ~£16-00 ea) – must be Q for syncro, (2WD’s are very different, 251 407 617 K,L,M,N)

Pads Front Disc 251 698 151F (GSF (PAGID Supplied) and JK, same as 2WD for 258x16mm solid disks)

Front Suspension

NB. If working on Syncro front suspension and replacing parts it pays to have access to the ETKA Parts program, through your VAG parts dealer’s good offices of course.

There are two different track-control arm (lower wishbone)/ radius rod/stabiliser link bar (anti-roll) setups on syncros it seems; the major difference being the lower track control arm design, the earlier type having a more complex forged radius rod incorporating the stab link bar fitting hole, this being bolted to the tca/ball joint via 3 bolts and uses a heavy intermediate plate through which the lower ball joint taper fits.

The later arrangement has a simple radius rod threaded at each end, which screws into the tca, this being a more complex piece, but not requiring the additional plate and bolts.

The former has the possible advantage that the lower joint can be removed with three bolts rather than splitting the joint taper. Together with this, the stab bar drop links are different (handed on the later versions)and possibly the lower shock absorber mount details.

This change came about circa Chassis No. F 24-K-048 497 (October 1988)

Some earlier radius rod and attachment detail changes seem to have taken place after F 24-G-175-000 (July 1986)

Stabiliser Link Bar (Vert Link bar, threaded M10 at bottom with eye-end @ top) For 21mm anti-roll bar

Earlier 251 411 049 F (which still has to be installed handed, seemingly having a slight bend near the bottom, bends inwards at the bottom)

Later 251 411 049 (J left; K right)

Not same as 251 411 051 (Early 2WD Cranked) or 251 051A (Late 2WD Straight) AFAIK, but ETKA gives two part nos.(AFAIK)

Don’t try undoing the 10mm nut at the bottom of this unless you have to, they break the thread off, the sleeve probably holds moisture and ends up as part of the thread – when refitting a repaired, new or original assembly, use plenty of assembly compound to prevent corrosion, anything is better than nothing e.g. copperslip, or grease on threads and inside of sleeve. They can be repaired by cutting off at the shoulder/ redrilling and threading carefully with 10mm or equiv metric studding – or gas welding. Use the spacer sleeve (251 411 047) as a guide!

The stab bar link also requires (num per side):

Top Rubber Mounting (21mm) 251 411 045 (1)

Damping Rings (rubbers either side of lower joint) 251 411 039 (2)

Spacer Sleeve 251 411 047 (1)

Nut M10 Locking (900 876 02) (1)

Stabiliser bar/anti-roll bar chassis rubber mounting (split rubber) 251 411 041C (41B is for 2WD 19mm anti-roll bar AFAIK) – (2/vehicle)

Wishbone bushes

TCA/lower wishbone mounting bonded rubber bush (early and late same) 251 407 183 (1/side)

Upper wishbone mounting bonded rubber bush 251407 077 (2/side)

Radius rod bushes

Radius rod bushes: 251 407 175 (rear); 251 407 179 (fwd) 1/side each

Spacer sleeeve for above: 251 407 097 (2/side)

Bush seat for above 251 407 069 (2/side)

Most of which can be obtained from GSF or JK

Reversing light switch (5-speed transaxle mounted) – 020 941 521A (JK/GSF)

Lubes for Transaxle and Front Diff.

Do not use GL-5 spec. diff oils in the Transaxle/Gearbox unit, but they can be used for the Front diff.

Use any good GL-4 spec for the transaxle:- VW quote 80W/90 GL-4

If you can afford it, one of the best (for protection and gearchange quality) is Redline MT90

(Redline MTL 75W80 (GL-4) is a bit lighter, vcan be used but MT90 is the one)

They also do a GL-5 (front diff) Redline 75W90

Capacities (Bentley): Transaxle unit – 4.205 US Quarts (approx. 4 litres); Front diff – 1.605 US Quarts (approx. 1.5 litres)

(Some say Transaxle is 4.5 litres, there is a portion under the diff, held back by a ball-valve, that doesn’t drain)

Redline available direct or from:

C&R Enterprises
C1-C4 Lake Street, Nottingham NG7 4BT

Telephone:- +44 (0) 115 978 5740
Fax:- +44 (0) 115 924 4903