Adventure Overland 2016

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Syncronauts Display

With quite a few first time visitors to our club hosted activities at AO this year we all once again all enjoyed the social side of life as much as walking the stands and eyeing up the opposition  One that took the ear and eye of many was a big re-engined postwar Scammel 6 wheeler using space ‘inside the rail’ of Stratford racetrack.

Everybody has their own story, so with a truck or camper too that makes plenty to cut the divide and break the ice, so I’m sure very many interesting conversations took place and hopefully new friends and acquaintances made.

No didn’t count up*, but what made up for those who couldn’t make it this year, quite a few actually, others we hadn’t met before joined us, a few 2WDrivers friends and 8090’ers crept in too. All good. The so far unseen new vehicles had a good grubbing over, crawling under, doors slidded, hatches lifted, wheels wobbled and roofs raised (and lowered) and hopefully got respected too.
AO attracts a good additional day visitor attendance, we always like hosting Duncan DSM, who’s finished build we really need to see next year at AO.


One might think from these reports all we do is eat, down the pub or in the marquee .. well, we’re certainly getting more like the French often turning our encampment into ‘la place d’aperot’ early evening but we just stuck with a long wait this time until..
The Italian themed – everyone bring a dish (or two) – Grand Dining In Experience…So thanks to Fiona for taking on the organisation of food. Another wonderful night of feasting and meeting. Andy Mc setup enough daisy chain lights (military spec. no less) for us to see not only what we were eating but who we were talking to, always helpful as the night wears on.
Everyone seemed to have made an effort to contribute one way or another, which means the message is getting around and Fiona tried to ensure major allergens and veganicity, fishiness etc were being listed on the Label Cards 
we’ve made a note to try include any other ‘potentially argumentative’ ingredients from now on too.

Fortunately there are always some particularly helpful people when the big Coleman Shelter and contents is going up, down, being put to bed or or needs guarding. .. You know who you are, so rather than miss anyone out, shake your own hand, give yourself a pat on the back or a peck on the cheek!

Jenny sometimes spends time before CJ and AO producing club members’ travel/expedition posters (amongst other duties) This year some new posters of interesting travels abroad – Morocco, Iceland were displayed. The daytime display these days of the clubs travel books, maps and posters is now really quite awesome… but likewise requires a lot of display space!
If only two or three come by Syncro over the weekend,, see what we do and where we go in them, then I hope we all agree it’s worth it.

* Unfortunately, as with CamperJam, the organisers just refuse to tell us how many and who have book to camp with us.. some sort of perverted Data Protection policy (Grrr!)