Wales Laning October 2008

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What a great success this was, two weekends ago! A dozen trucks, again more newcomers, welcoming Richard Haslock again and Mick (of Mick&Tracy) brought his very straight and clean AAZ Doka out on the Saturday.

With lanes previously recce’d by Aidan and Doug, the Saturday started with a 50 mile drive to the first lane, then after a few more both groups running closer than planned, headed up into Strata Florida country, east of Aberystwyth. Layers of flowers or flower covered rock strata? Whatever it means it is a pretty rare and special terrain, although May might be more picturesque, it was well in the throes of becoming wild and desolate as winter approached.

After a while climbing, the track can be said to be a river, that has to be driven through or criss-crossed for a few miles… it’s likely much later in the year not passable with Syncros, indeed a few weeks earlier it had been struck by storm floods causing several accidents one with unfortunate and tragic consequences. We met quite a lot of traffic coming the other way, creating possibly bigger challenges than the track and the many fordings along the way. There was also an Enduro bike orienteering challenge taking place towards the end of the run, adding to the sights – chosen do doubt as an easy place to get totally lost!

A long drive back in drizzle and darkness turning to rain, found a somewhat wet and bedraggled camp, so combined with getting the Shelter tent up and food on the table, it was all a bit miserable for an hour or so… so different than the Friday night around another of AndyMc’s campfires– calm, clear and warm enough helping to make a convivial evening, even more so when Richard Haslock produced a bottle of 2000 vintage Port. Dai and AndyTyke despite having arrived late on, helped out keeping the night company till well past sensible bedtimes…

A few left Saturday night or Sunday morning but two groups soon formed up for some of Doug and Aidan’s discoveries, this time very local… a really good set of tracks leading to a damn good fast flowing ford crossing got us into the spirit and both groups made new discoveries, one that got us into all sorts of shenanigans getting out of a boggy field.


Rich’s video – VW Syncro water crossing

Rich’s video – VW Syncro water crossing 2

Rich’s video – VW Syncro wading