Syncropendence 2009

Photos and discussion on the Syncro forum

Again choosing our favourite Llanfyllin farm site for Syncropendence 2009 was the largest turnout of any event to date – well over 30 vehicles, and I can report that we just about kept everything ticking along, with a nice trial near the camping area (Doug again!).

The campsite field was thought by all to be the best yet, with just a small challenge upon entry . 🙂


Lewis brought the Dodoka, the Range-Rover Special (yup, same one as 2006) was brought by Nigel, and a lot of good site driving was had by anybody who wanted. I thought it was particularly pleasing to see Muna and Jenny getting some driving (and making some good steep climbs and descents in the Dodoka).


Aidan organised some local lanes again for the Monday, which about 5 or 6 of us stayed for.

Jed’s video ‘Around the campsite’

Jed’s second video