Adventure Overland Sept 2012

6th~7th October, Whilton Mill Karting Centre, nr. Daventry Lots of forum discussion here This was without doubt an eye opener for many of us, perhaps because its theme(s) epitomised what so many Syncro owners aspire to, some dream about and a few manage to do..! The organiser, Tom McGuigan. Sums it up in the blurb like this:-

ADVENTURE OVERLAND is a major outdoor show featuring all forms of independent/organised ‘alternative travel’ (certainly not your average beach holiday package), an event that brings together ‘under one roof’ so to speak, the sort of folk who love exploring the great outdoors. This includes adventure holidays whatever the method of travel – from walking, treks and general backpacking, to overland tours, safaris & expeditions utilising cycles, motorbikes, 4×4’s & trucks.

The words there that particularly sparkle (in my eyes), being safari, expeditions, overland Tom had got in touch to invite us to bring some suitable Syncros, allocating an area for a displays kiosk (well, our Khyams sufficed). This the Committee agreed to do, with Chairman Dai and Paul bringing the Stripe and the Unicorn respectively: very different but both relevant to the theme. Jenny organised the displays, having a whole new batch of recent images printed and mounted beautifully, and many others helped including Pete, Sharon Pollard supporting us on the stand.

Syncronauts display

Quite a few of our members came by, several camping overnight in the field provided and everyone was enthused with the dazzling array of overland vehicles, from historic WWII LRDG Jeeps to massive and fully equipped safari and support trucks. A nice touch were the seminars being run from Friday night through to Sunday afternoon on a  wide range of subjects, many giving first hand knowledge of where to go and just as important what to expect. A dizzying array of stalls was to be found, even down to displays of various bushcraft and trakka skills too! Definitely one for the diary next year if you like the theme, a lot was learnt. It seemed very much along the French Syncro Club lines, being great long distance expeditioners.. we will inform them I think . Smile