Adventure Overland Show 14

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So successful last year was the Adventure Overland Exhibition/Show at Stratford racecourse that we expected it to be even bigger & better this year… it wasn’t, or certainly didn’t seem to be. Not that any of our organising committee or members regretted attending since this turned out to be our largest get together this year, with over 30 members’ vehicles setting up in the ample area provided which was once again conveniently right next to CamperVan Culture’s stand so we could share passing traffic so to speak… and of course food, drink and firepits after dark.

Syncronauts display


Last year we invested in a large new Coleman shelter tent which was a real hit at party time; and this year Max suggested we had a couple of roller blind hoardings produced to publicise ourselves and attract people in – setup is minutes making life easy at the start of day and (provided it’s not blowing a hooley) look a professional way of getting the message across – and weren’t too expensive.

So what was missing? Everyone it seems enjoyed meeting, greeting, eating, browsing stalls and exhibits and partying Saturday night.. There was plenty to see but… the show has lost its freshness and edge, pizzazz in three years seems to already not be progressing, improving, extending advancing, indeed stagnating. New stands with new products, if any not many?

Andrew St Pierre White’s video (syncros feature at 2:35)

The seminars were just as disorganised in just as unsuitable a place with just as useless media with just as noisy distractions as last year… think that says something. As far as food catering goes, the message from last year hadn’t been learnt either… they should be a centrepiece or on star pattern with the other stands, not miles away, and they should also be ‘open’ !

Enough said, because the Syncronauts ‘use’ the show as an end of year bash for its members, to meet those who otherwise wouldn’t or don’t come to a driving meet, being Syncroless or mid-build also to encourage those browsing around for a club of like minded souls – to drop by. Parts (and ideas) swapping is endemic and infectious.

This year the evening party started with Margaritas and nibbles, thanks to Marg’s suggestion (Max) moving on to chilli and apple, with many different dishes coming from random contributors along the long line of camping units, hopefully everyone getting a chance to sample as many as they wished…

It was good to have Stefan from Germany and Rob from Holland attend, newcomers clift_d, Danmetallic, Southern Sparky and three LT Syncros from various parts…

All welcomed and by late on a lovely hot Sunday afternoon, there were a lot of knowing waved departures acknowledging it might be six months till we meet again…. Ahhh!