Prop Removal & Refitting


HarryMann: Propshaft bolts from Syncro-Nutz or SyncrosparesUK or VW Commercial Parts counter


Use the correct ones, bolts about £1 each, locknuts (STOVER) M8 fine thread New is best because if prop is on/off/on/off a lot then they will stand some rounding off (access can be a bit angled and awkward at times)


VW part nos. for the correct nuts and bolts


Bolts N 010 102 3 £1.53 ea. (M8 x 1.00 x 25)


Nuts N 022 152 1 £0.26 ea. (STOVER – All metal locking)


EIGHT required.


Rogerthecat: from Brickyard thread


2 weeks ago the ScoobyVelle developed a vibration that would collapse a house. Captain Know Everything from Huddersfield immediately said it was the prop (and that was at 45 miles distance) and advised dropping the prop – Aiden also pitched in with brilliant help and advice – thanks. Off came the prop and it all went very quiet, calm and economical – the handling however, all turned to worms and the van became very skittish especially on wet roads and leaves whereas previously it had only ever faltered on a huge diesel slick on the A57. Eventually I manage to get the prop into GKN yesterday morning at about 0930. They said they would get fixed or build a new one, whichever was the best/most economical route. Called this morning at 10 am to be told – it’s ready – refurbed with new joints, rubber doughnut ok as is all else – has been tested and rebalanced all for the princely sum of £54. Subject to testing on the van I think that is one hell of a service – so thanks GKN!


GKN Driveline website

GKN Driveline Service Ltd.


Industrial & Distribution Services,

Higher Woodcroft, LEEK, ST13 5QF

T : 01538384278 F : 01538371265


Aidan: GKN Driveline at Leek (from an August 2010 post)


I have had their own made ones before, sliding joint and standard DIN 90 UJ’s with grease nipples less than £200 and I recently had two shafts refurbished by them after my attempts had failed, you can fit a trunion kit from Baxter (Brickwerks) but they don’t necessarily come right without some black magic to sort end float and balance as I have discovered; they did two for £135 plus VAT in 24 hours sorted and repainted.


I delivered and collected they are just over an hour from me, but I’m sure they can sort shipping/collection if required but good to use local if possible. GKN have more than 1 depot anyway, it was Andy Simpson who found the Leek one and pointed me at it.


Although it may be better to have your OEM VW one refurbished:


A1 Props Bootle 0151-944-1586


The original prop can have its UJs replaced and be rebalanced. Prop shops do this, but the above is the cheapest anyone has found for the Syncro prop.

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