BusStopOver 2010

Committee member Matt Sandall recommended this as a worthwhile event to fill the gap between Germany and Syncropendence. Our Club 80-90 cousins attend this well organised but nicely laid back event run by Andy of VWCurtains, so suggested we pitch up and display alongside them.

Myles kindly agree to orchestrate a display, putting Sharon & Pete’s yellow Doka up on big logs, with large polished metal mirrors underneath, brilliantly showing off the transmission & undercarriage to passers by. Our shelter tent with full Syncro 25 Year event paraphernalia, picture boards and video (many thanks to Sharon for putting this together) running was manned in rotation, being setup by Doug & Jenny.

Over the weekend we met a few owners who dropped by, some completely new to us, creating some interesting conversation. Fran had brought his rare (but now infamous!) Aussie Trakka Syncro along, which I found worth a good inspection!

An horrendous cold wind ruined the latter part of Saturday, many preferring to shelter by getting an early night , but a bright fresh Sunday just improved and improved, so people were out in droves, the 80-90 raffle ticket sellers did well, creating a large (baying) crowd at the time of the draw.

Verdict – Well worthwhile, laid back with enjoyable browsing and a pleasant T1 & T2 crowd too (mostly heavily modified). But there had to be one … bass box brat who just wouldn’t turn it down. :)