The Club

The on-line forum started a dedicated topic area for their growing band of T25 Syncro 4×4 owners several years ago and it has rapidly become the place to chat, compare notes and ask for help when buying, repairing or simply maintaining your T25 Syncro. As well as a forum section, Club80-90 provided space for a special Syncro web-site which could act as a resource for Syncro-specific data, technical help and maintenance information.

Early in 2004, a few active Club80-90 syncro owners realised that meeting up to try their vehicles off-road in like-minded company was well overdue. To this end a beautiful hill-site was rented in Wales during July for their dedicated use over a weekend and for once more than the odd two or three got together, camped out in the approved 80-90 fashion, and enjoyed a weekend’s driving around a steep and very boggy mountainside.

It proved a great success and to make it happen, we had to constitute ourselves under a more formal umbrella than Club80-90’s forum membership rules – so the Syncronauts were formed, with a Committee and a constitution sufficient to enable us to affiliate to the Motor Sport Association Ltd. – allowing us to benefit from their wealth of experience in organising motor events and take advantage of their public liability cover when participating in and running our own dedicated off-road events. We now have about 60 members, most owning Syncros of one type or another and are currently scheduling 3 to 4 meets a year around the country. Being by far the largest UK group of T25 Syncro owners we keep in touch with US and European Syncro clubs and organisations, organise special parts purchases and services, are active in several other arenas whilst plans are already afoot to partake in International Syncro rallies and tours. More adventurous individuals within Syncronauts are starting to plan long distance tours across Europe to North Africa. Within the last six months a dozen Club80-90 Syncronauts bought a couple of DoKa Syncros on their last legs and with all the owners contributing one way or another, restored one of them back to on and off-roadworthy condition.

What are the Sycnronauts really about? Maybe to . . . ‘ help other Syncro owners best appreciate their pride and joy’s quite remarkable abilities, giving them confidence through shared experience, knowledge and mutual support so to best maintain its condition – keeping as many of these noble mounts on the road for years to come’.

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