Syncropendence July 2005


Immediately after Coney Farm 1, it was obvious we had a core of members who were looking forward to another July Syncropendence. This time we asked the committee for recommendations on a shortlist of sites that might fit the bill, using their contacts. Several emerged and were discussed before we received a positive recce report from the Secretary on a hill farm site in Wales which we could have almost exclusive use of, though for more than we’d paid before. This was Tom’s farm near Rhyader, now somewhat notorious, though the committee decided on balance we should go there, one reason being that if we didn’t, it might be closed next year!Whilst many reported back that they were glad to have gone, and there was some great driving to be had, in retrospect we encountered a number of problems, mainly with the weather, the camping arrangements, the Project Doka and some of the motocross and enduro fraternity. Sad to say the Project Doka had arrived in a bit of a state and barely made it back to Bristol.


Hacksawbob’s Syncropendence video