Biggin Quarry October 2005

This event took place in Derbyshire and was organised by the All Wheel Drive Club. A few of our members attended.

From Club 80-90 syncro forum


Saturday – Matt & Jen, Marcus & Tracy and Andy went to All Wheel Drive Club ‘fun’ day at Biggin, mostly to have a play. Ended up entering the ‘trial’ and over 4 tests, against some pretty serious off road kit, Matt managed one fault and took the overall (not the class!) win!!!


We all joined AWDC, top bunch of people, totally gob smacked with the syncros too. Great place, seriously in-expensive too.

Biggest regret is not having camera to hand to capture the look on the faces of these 3 blokes as we drove in. You could almost smell the sniggering. Funnily, the sniggering ended when Marcus ‘threw’ his van down the hill 10 minutes later, while most of the campsite looked on (the same hill he’s doing ‘carefully’ in one of the videos, the first attempt made us cringe).

Video clip of Marcus driving down the hill – carefully!

The sniggering returned when I hit post 10 in the first test. Then dissapeared again as Matt blasted up the hill on his way to the win (see videos), for which he received some well deserved applause (out of 21 entries, only 3 managed the hill).

Video clip of Matt’s ascent to victory


Sunday – Marcus beat me today, by 3 points over 5 sections……. Now understand sections and trials better……… buzz when you get a ‘clear’ is fantastic….

I was indeed running ‘machos’ though was way too lazy to adjust the pressure. Had the engine bay electrics sorted on Wednesday courtesy of the Mockster, so no ‘puddle’ could stop us not even the ‘sheepdip’ . Also, for the first time the fuel consumption wasn’t too bad.

Did indeed get a trophy!!

Ace crowd, it really opens up the world of off roading….surprised very many, and got offered £1500 cash there and then for my bus, the bloke even got his wedge of twenties out !!!



Absolutely TOP weekend! The grin factor was off the scale, and all the folks there will never look at ‘camper vans’ in the same way ever again……Huge thanks to Andy and Marcus and their left hookers for letting me ride shotgun with a pain free seatbelt, and like Matt said, cheers to Thomas for the tip off.

Matt missed the awards’ ceremony cos he was off playing in a bright orange Suzuki, so our Tom collected his plaque on his behalf…’s on the dash ready for Coney…….

Can I point out in no uncertain terms that Andy’s driving was in no way ever ‘bad’………. All respect to you for giving everything a go, at your first ever off-road meet, and the first time you’d ever tried the bus out off-road.

Plus the moment of the weekend……teetering on the edge of a sheer drop, me trying to build your confidence and talk you through it, then Matt came up to try, then Marcus, and then just as everyone thinks you’re gonna bottle it – Thomas rings me and I pass you the phone so he can explain to you……..everyone watching including Matt, Tracy and Marcus thought you’d taken the ‘phone a friend’ option……..

You did it, and you did it well………so stop putting yourself down………plus NO injuries to the bus so Danielle can’t complain……

Video clip of Matt driving through a very large puddle!

Video clip of Marcus’ attempt at the hill!