Yorkshire Laning 2007

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First weekend in December 2007, several Syncronauts went to Brickwerks open day in the morning followed by Holmfirth green-laning, guided by Simon Baxter in the afternoon. It was during this fun afternoon that the immortal phrase ‘petrols are gay’ was on everyone’s lips as the diesels found a real big hole in the ground that required Plenty ‘O Grunt to get out of.. Andy Simpson revelling in the challenge, both forward and in reverse! Unfortunately one group suffered a real plague of mechanical problems, several retiring home whilst the rest soon joined forces with some good climbs causing a fair bout of wheel damage I seem to remember.

Sat night found those staying over driving through heavy rain to the Dales, to camp at Helwith Bridge again (the Coast 2 Coast Sat night halt), where a few pints were sunk before a generally early night. We were glad of having got plenty of sleep by Sunday morning – it was cold and bucketing down still. Splitting into two groups, Kev’s convoy tackled a heavily flooded rocky river bank which proved too much on the day when wheels were found to be getting badly damaged. The other group touring around high up, saw rivers in flood everywhere, and when back down in the valleys found some deep wading and fording where Land Rovers were also out in force – made for some good photo sessions, now watched from on high by Kev’s convoy on the way home.