CamperJam 2015

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Thanks to Simon TMT who took a lead on organising this. After some debate on the Friday we agreed a really good pitch opposite the off-road quarry site and the 10 club vehicles who booked the weekend arrived.

After taking in the show and stands Saturday morning with Sharon & Jenny administering the queue of hopefuls and Simon organising the marshals & drivers – the Syncro Experience rides commenced.



Repeated on the Sunday with David and the official CJ photographers getting some circuits too we raised £270 (rounded up to £300 by Syncronauts funds) for the Bloodwise Leukaemia charity, nominated by Ian SB’s daughter Erin who we trust is consolidating her recovery.
This activity always engenders some interesting visitors and discussions and seems to bring forward one or two each year who’d like to get involved with the Syncronauts or just find out more..

Within the Grand Marquee this time we also put up a Syncronaut history and activity display. Saturday evening centred on a Communal Mexican meal with contributions from many. Quite a feast! Some went to dance it off down in the main music arena till the midnight hour.




Sunday afternoon found us decamping and those helpers staying to pack the marquee away or just biding their time for a getaway were caught in a torrential shower that caused mayhem down through the main exit queue if you weren’t on the tarmac by then. In truth the long winding exit queue never stays that way for long, the CJ marshals having upped their game since a few years ago.. always being pleasant and cheerful too. A dog fight caused a bit of a stir one day and subsequent discussion on social media afterwards, hopefully all lessons learnt for next year.

Thanks again to all the volunteers, helpers and those members who supported us one way or the other… everyone hopefully got a bargain of some sort at the show.