Mendipidy 2016

17 vehicles attended.

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This early event in the calendar was the 3rd and last time at the for a while and so were looking for suggestions for a new May event. It’s been arranged by Patrick Richard and Mark in the past and this year Patrick took control and found us a new campsite just 3 fields away from his new house (we had found the usual one on top by Priddy a bit cold and windy for this early in the year, although the nearby Queen Vic pub had usually saved us!) This was sheltered, tidy and convenient, very nice but a bit costly for the families.


The weekend consisted of the usual fixed driving site up at the farm (pretty exposed too although afternoon sunburn has been noted one year), given care and respect, it’s a good work out for Syncros but can be challenging, even dangerous in places. Patrick also found us a good local pub for a meal out on Sat evening – table skittles followed with a few more pints of course. Also notable was the first outing for Richard’s new camping trailer with wood fired oven and storage for just about anything and everything.

We took in some different lanes, one particular rocky climb a real cracker. Possibly last time down at the Mendips for a while. Great that Debs and Dai made it all the way down and sorted their wee d/shaft problem before meeting them coming down the other way). A frisbee session ensued as people made their way home Monday.