Devon 2014

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Weather permitting (not always then…) the general atmosphere -at our lovely secluded, well situated and appointed campsite nr Cullompton in Devon – is relaxed. Nobody feels that they have to do anything or go anywhere having paid no fixed site fees. Except that being Syncronauts with Syncros, they do want to go and do, even if that’s two times steak chips and a glass of wine for £20 down the local if arriving by Thursday evening…

With a sufficient quorum and consensus by Friday, the norm is to introduce any newcomers to the local lanes, which are not to be taken for granted. One in particular is always a fine drive, All Hallows, which Baz and Roger and Dom did whilst the rest waited like chaperones at the end. We also recce’d the flooded mill leat which always makes a nice evening walk.

Roger had agreed to recce and lead the weekends lanes, and had chosen two routes both working into Dartmoor. We welcomed newcomers Bernie & Amy who came out with us in a nice but slightly rough sounding 1.9. Leaving Saturday morning we had a fair drive to get started but Bovey Tracey made up for it for a fine pub lunch. Finding a really difficult lane made up for the late start though, every twist turn and overhang being a challenge, unfortunately meaning Jim had to remove his massive roof rack… I hope others enjoyed the challenge, everyone worked together, even the many dogs, in difficult circumstances as the gaps were impossible in places. Nice when you get out of a deep long lane into bright sunshine.. makes you realise what Terry Waite felt like after years of confinement.

Later climbing the spectacular route out and up a sheer Dartmoor valley side Bernie’s engine just wouldn’t have it, the heat seemingly messing up the carburation till it wouldn’t start let alone run. With Jim and Dom’s help, Roger and I tandem towed him right to the very top, running rough he then nursed it – well done!.

With a nice big fire blazing the night soon went in a haze of pass arounds.. I expect everyone’s forgotten what they were, must have been rum, scotch?.

Sunday morning Jim decided that he’d severely hampered us yesterday, so Craig and Baz offered to sacrifice themselves on the altar of locklackdiffiness, whilst wandering at random we all wanted to get Bernie running abit more reliably for the ensuing day out…
…which was another good Dartmoor day, with some more testing tracks from Roger again – requiring teamwork to cut, lift, remove timber and work through systematically; ending with a Fingles Bridge climb… something everyone with a Syncro should do.

Monday broke wet windy and we watched as everyone packed and disappeared as early and fast as they could. When it rains there it really does, being under the Black Downs.

Thanks for all the support from those that came, and lovely to see those new faces, Sean Fiona, Bernie & Amy and Jim & Sal and all the lovely dogs.
Rumours are it may not be our campsite next year… lets wait and see, think that’s nearly 10 years now?

Devon 2014