Syncropendence 2010

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Considering it came so close to 25Year Syncro in Germany, surprisingly nearly 30 vehicles attended, an amazing turnout. Of course we missed the Irish contingent – having suffered their wit for nearly a week in Germany, that’s always going to leave a noticeable vacuum :)! The Scots made up for that though, including first timer Eric with a very clean and straight Doka. We welcomed other newcomers too, and to go with plenty of fresh blood, we introduced some fresh events.

Roger & Julia (thanks) proposed & planned a ‘punch challenge’, with help from Doug – what a surprise – nearly everyone got a ‘full card’ by the end of the day. Another surprise – everyone thought it was brilliant – proving that simple things please Syncro minds… 🙂 .

Returning from their 25 Year Syncro success in Germany with enthusiasm for this different form of trialling (henceforth known as ‘A German Trial’, or if you prefer ‘The Rhythm Method’) , Sharon & Pete with help from Dai took it on themselves to lay one out up on the top by ‘The prop-bender ramp’.

This was also well received, made us all think differently again, about that speed & haste thing and careful throttle use, other than one whose lovely shiny sill dropped onto a nasty tree root (hopefully all fixed now OK!).

Results: Winner Mark, 2nd Aidan

Following convention, those staying on for the Monday, went local laning in this beautiful area, which is always a treat – thanks to Doug and Aidan for this.

Some stayed even longer to really wind down in such a beauty spot. On a personal note, a nice touch was being woken early Wednesday morning after a good slumber, to the sounds of horse’s hooves thundering past close to the tent… instinctively knowing that this horse was happy to be back in a lovely verdant field, later calling by to drop down nearby into the river for a good drink before checking out the quality of the grass on the opposite bank.!