More Specialist Part Numbers

Part number for Syncro transmission mounts

This is something I noticed recently as I get ready to replace some of mine.
ETKA, North American and Euro, all years, all models of syncro:

183 199 381 A
But…ALL the ones I’ve seen (my own since new ’91 14″, a euro 14″ and 16″ single cab) all show on the part:
183 199 383 A

I had planned on clearing this up with my local dealer in the next few weeks.

Let us know if you get to the bottom of it.


For the 85-92 Syncro there are a whole horde of rear mudflaps listed.

Small ones, which I imagine are the ones you want:
251 821 811B Left
251 821 812B Right

There are some large ones with VW insignia too:
251 821 811A and 812A

Stock Boge Shocks. VW Part Numbers for the three different sets of VW Boge shocks available for the syncro are:

Front: 251 413 031 C standard 14″ syncro shock (USA)
251 413 031 M 14” HD shock “Schlechtwegepaket”
251 413 031 N 16” syncro shock

Rear: 251 513 031 D standard 14″ syncro shock (USA)
251 513 031 M 14” HD shock “Schlechtwegepaket”
251 513 031 N 16” syncro shock

Good news when replacing front wheel bearings Volkswagen original bearings are SKF bearings.

Cost from agents R1100 each
Cost from SKF R190 each

10 VKBA 1319
KIT 280 – wheel bearing kit

> Need to replace oxygen sensor in my 1991 mv 2.1 digifant syncro. Does
> not have to be genuine VW. Bosch or generic ok but need part no. as
> need to buy here in Australia. Could not find part no. in
> archives.Please advise.
> Thanks.
> Nick.


The factory sensor is VW P/N 025 906 265B Bosch P/N 13931 – direct plug in
replacement (and expensive!).

The alternate sensor is Bosch P/N 13913 – you will have to replace the plug
on this one, though. Make sure that your connections are waterproof (solder
and use heat shrink tubing).

Don in Phoenix, AZ

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