Devon Weekend 2009

Discussion and piccies on Syncro forum

Since CJ had wrapped up his Syncrospares business in Devon and moved on, it was in the spirit of maintaining the tradition of the August Devon Event that a handful of diehards decided to ‘go there and do it, anyway’.

We drove some known lanes Saturday, including one requiring a good team effort with picks, spades and waffle boards. Sunday was a different outing altogether, a drive through Exmoor, finding some really lovely and very ancient ways buried in the Devon landscape. After a rather grand tour along the North coast, cream teas at the Valley of the Rocks rounded it off well.

Several took the opportunity of driving up to South Moulton to introduce themselves to the owners and staff of the New SyncrosparesUK on the Monday, before departing for home.

A friend (and Syncronaut associate), Brish Dutt, offered to cook communal curry for Friday night, several others helped with assorted side dishes and everything went down so well, that noises were made (!) about repeating the idea next year.

Next year will hopefully see the event restored to its full former glory!