Vehicle Appraisals

‘Bill’ the red one

Difficult to be absolutely certain on N/S because parked quite close to wall, but Andy went under and took close inspection of sills etc.
Impossible to appraise loadbed properly as covered with fibreglass and numerous bolts through – likely to be poor and a fair bit of work to strip, but I think we should strip it.

Bumper ok
N/S good, no trim
Lower panel full perforation middle 18 inches (taped and painted over !)
Upper panel light impact damage
O/S good no trim, no aerial or holes for
O/S chassis brace rust and perforation in top of member

Drivers door, plane mirror, rust in 1/4 light pillar, poor lower window outer seal, rust started front lower leading edge inside but not bad.
Wheel arch fair, 205 spat missing
B pillar base/jacking point inner sill perf. and hole for aerial ? in top metal taped
Rear Cab panel perf at bottom seam
Outer sill perf below locker door
Locker door good
Locker door aperture frame perf. top and bottom
Load bed frame perf by front dropside hinge
Rear wheel arch top and bottom perf. and detatched
Rear wheel arch internal flat sections perf.
205 spat partially detatched
Rear corner perf and detatched

Rear corner perf. above lights
Valence perf perf below o/s lights
Towbar looks like a westie but not a syncro one
Rear bumper for scrap

Rear corner upper and lower seam perf.
Upper corner dented and filled and dented again
Upper wheel arch impact crease and top seam rust
Lower wheel arch seam rust and ding
205 spat partially detatched
Locker door dented – hinges poor and hinge panel above perf. through to load bed frame at front dropside hinge
Jacking point sill perf.above
Outer sill perf below locker and rear doors
C pillar seam rust at front on outside and inside locker and locker door strut support detatched from frame
Rear door light impact but sound
B Pillar perf at base

Discs look good
Front diff weep at drain plug
Diff lock actuator clean, signs of maintenance.

Dropsides fair to good, usual dings, couple of missing latch mount screws
Wheel rims v poor mega rust on a couple – 6Js
Gutter and roof perf various places, esp rear corners
Head lining good
Rev counter dash
Bulkhead proper
No rear seat base or sign that one was fitted
Audi seats not fitted, not likely to either, but easy to fit properly as three seater front.
Aerial on roof for ? cb/other radio comms., speakers fitted in cab for same ?
Badges missing or broken and no decals

Prop off, gearbox at component level, engine looks fair, but hanging on mounts for a good while they may be shot.

‘Ben’ the white one

205 spats not fitted, running on 185s on 5 1/2Js
Load bed poor, several perforations esp over n/s locker

Bumper ish, caps poor
N/S good
Lower panel ok to ish, some blistering but fair
Upper panel light impact damage
O/S poor, rust under trim and aerial and top seam, light damage by door
Aerial ok

Drivers door, plane mirror, poor lower window outer seal, front edge damage, perf., delamination. Otherwise good.
Gutter some rust, damage and missing trim
Wheel arch fair
B pillar ok tho some rust on seams
Rear Cab panel full width perf at bottom seam and light impact damage
Inner sill perf below cab panel and floor perf
C pillar perf and full of crud
Locker door lock seized
Locker door creased, frame good, hinges poor
Outer sill perforations
Fuel filler pipe/breathers fuel seepage from, looks like for some time.
Rear wheel arch top and bottom perf. and detatched
Wheel arch internals perf and detached
Rear corner perf and detatched
Dropside slightly bowed but sound

Dropside slight damage but sound
O/s Rear corner poor and detatched
Valence perf perf below lights both sides and lower edge trailer dings
Towbar westie syncro
Rear bumper poor
Engine bay door slight ding
N/s rear corner some rust lower

Rear corner upper and lower dented and seam perf.
Wheel arch perf upper and lower and above locker door
Locker door fair
Dropside pretty good
Jacking point sill perf.above
Rear door light impact but sound
Outer sill perf in front of c pillar, rust around door aperture lower and into C pillar
Rear cab floor perf at inner sill/seat base floor interface.
Seat box has been removed roughly causing trauma to floor which has rusted through particularly above inner sills
Wheel arch rust blistered at b pillar seam
Door good except lower outer window seal
Mirror plane
Gutter trim missing and damaged at front

Discs look poor
gearbox weep at front inspection cover
Diff lock actuator minging, no signs of maintenance.

Wheel rims averagely poor – 5 1/2Js
Head lining poor
Clock dash, nice dash tidy
Bulkhead retrofit, easy to remove, no proper fixings for front bench seat
No rear seat base ,one was fitted and ripped out
VW seats fitted, 2 +1, better converted back towalk thro 5 seater, seat box covers fitted
Roof good, dirty
Badges and decals present
Rear cab wall cut through with wooden frame and metal door with window, gargen in gutter above wooden frame
Engine interesting plumbing may indicate turbo oil feed problem and god knows what else.

Vehicle Appraisals September 2004 by Aidan Talbot