Syncropendence 2015

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SP12 was very well attended – the best yet we think (35 vans including one that looked surprisingly like a Ford Escort… must have dreamt that bit)!


Good to meet newcomers & our visitors from the continent Rob & Stephan.
Sadly Peter (Eltee) broke down near to home on the Friday.
A very rare RHD 16” Jagdewagen.attended (with owner I’m glad to say)


Excellent video from Nick & Mandy


Good driving on’t hills and meadows on Saturday for so many Syncros. with a German trial setup in the usual area and as always, proved popular.
Roger (Mits Pajero) took a group up through the top woods until having to back the convoy out ! But not before he and Simon demonstrated some very steep climbs and descents…
Several including Simon, Jason and James spotted a very deep & difficult route down in the mudhole area ~ Challenge! Great entertainment!


… and the weather was nice enough until some rain on the Sunday so GaryD and Josh set up a trial across the river from the camp field and kindly adjudged our efforts at driving through them English style… approving the winner for the prize.

There was some good hill climbing and a serious failed ascent later requiring a winched descent. All good learning experiences.

Nice …


And another one from Dean & Mel

For the first time since SP1 at Dethyndd Hill we had a prizegiving, so
many thanks to the prize givers at Syncropendence:-

Jed @ CVC : Some very nice kit for the 3 prizes for driving and trials;
Aidan Talbot Gearboxes : The beer we all drank;
Simon T3Volution : Bringing and erecting the marquee and presenting T shirts to prize-winners.
Prizewinners: Geoff for the German trial; Nick Babs for campsite trial, Neil won the prize draw and Jason for ‘best extreme move’, presumably ploughing through the mudhole challenge to everyone’s amazement… always be circumspect before saying ‘that’s impossible’


Rich PeninsularKid Many thanks to all that took so much time to organise such a great weekend, and to all that attended to create such a great atmosphere. This must be the best auto/motor club in the country.