Syncro 25 years 2010

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Thanks to Sharon for this video.

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By the day before departure, we had processed nearly 40 bookings from UK!
This became the biggest Syncro meeting ever held by far with approx. 550 vehicles and 1400 persons in attendance. Our expectations were far smaller than what actually happened and thus were able to donate a nice amount of money to the charity project “Lichtbrücke” (Bridge of Light). So far € 18,211.18 has been donated.

It also set attendance records for the Mammut Park site, which was several hundred hectares in total, with driving on about 50, although this was not totally a free ranging drive, in most parts existing tracks had to be stuck to, some very deep (army vehicle depth!) through woodland. Camping was on large steepening fields under woodland, with much wildlife in evidence, Red Kites circling down to ground level nearby.

High quality permanent on-site toilet/washroom facilities were complemented by a battery of portakabins, few would have wanted for better facilities.

St Margarets Bay On the ferry
On the ferry On the ferrt

Most travelled as a convoy on the Wednesday morning, from Dover, others going overnight Harwich to Hook of Holland, shortening the drive once disembarked (after the mass breathalysing). Some raced all the way there, others chilled overnight near Dusseldorf… the journey was good fun for many, coming across the occasional lone Syncros obviously targeting Stadtoldendorf. Approaching our destination, more became aware of the rather lower speed limits and thus the camera threat on the otherwise beautiful open country roads.

By the Thursday evening most of the UK contingent was pitched and as the evening wore on, an uncanny warm local weather system swept in, so even at midnight on April’s last days, it was T-shirt time, getting everyone into a good spirits which aided browsing amongst the gathering international groups, parked up roughly in streets.

Well what happened? So many things to do, that it was hard to decide. The normal sales, parts stalls, very Syncro specific e.g. the Tristar people from Sweden Special adaptations, and then just trestle tables with bargains to be had. Towing, sand winching demos, great array of off-road vehicles, VW’s latest offerings, Dakar style Tiguans etc.
Competitions, evening marquee music, 25 birthday cake presentations.

Birthday cake

Then there were the trips out to car factories (Porsche & VW neutzfahrzeug) and vehicle museums… one of which turned into a veritable Laurel & Hardy event. 🙂

Visit to Bulli Museum Vsit to Bulli Museum
Press photo

This was Saturday’s visit to ‘The Bulli’ museum, near Hamlyn, of pied piper fame. It’s a long story with lots of twist and turns, with annoyance & some frustration turning to laughs & jokes, tea and fine cakes came into it, Flamkuchen pizzas were served, local press photographed us all when the majority of those who set off eventually arrived, the long-suffering mayor long-departed! Those who stuck it out did get a real treat though… a visit to a really fantastic private VW museum. Roger’s eyes as good as popped out when we negotiated special entrance late in the day, as every early Porsche he’d ever owned came into view… we called it the schwimmwagen museum, but that was just one of many special exhibits displayed in a typical setting. Even the original Herbie prototype was there!

A German style trial (quite different to ours) through the (very narrowly gapped) sticks led to a final drive off on the Monday… here are the UK / Irish results, out of 40 starters:-

2nd Sharon Essam
4th Andrew Scott
13th Dai Williams
18th Clive Smith
19th Patrick Townsend

German Trial German Trial  

Congratulations to Sharon and Pete (observer) for pulling off a fantastic 2nd place after a drive off between the top three – she brought back a great prize too. Andrew also deserves high praise for a brilliant drive around getting 4th in his concours Syncro camper.

Other UK entrants to be congratulated:
Show and Shine
4th K. Tucker

Highest syncro
1st Michael Ghia

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