Drumclog Sept 2012

22nd & 23rd September 2012
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For some years those Syncronauts north of the border have been hankering after a proper off-road driving meet and thanks to committee member Alastair Harris’ efforts, this came to pass successfully towards the end of September.

Five Syncro owners supported the event and most stayed the Saturday night, making this a good social meet-up as well. It seems a high point was the mandatory Sycnronauts ‘twin tow’ but in this case, out of a brisk running river (apologies, ‘twasa burn no doubt!)

I’m told everyone expressed a wish the event would be repeated next year and we’re sure it will – hopefully some travelling up across the border to support those bravehearts, who themselves think nothing of driving overnight down into the heart of England or Wales for a short weekend’s driving on our pathetic lowland humps and tumps. Smile