Coney Farm April 2005

Coney Farm April 2005 Photo Gallery

By Spring 2005 we wanted to offer the club’s growing membership a chance to get out and meet up again. Geoff (Crazy Diamond) helped by suggesting a site near Stourport On Severn which he knew of and so Coney Farm joined our calendar, offering many treats and an ideal ‘training ground’ for those not having ventured off-road before. An added bonus being that it centrally located on the map of the UK and plenty were showing early interest.

Some good trials were run, and most of the committee helped marshal, organise camping or contributed one way or other. An added bonus was that most of those without Syncros got a drive or ride as they wished, with the Project Doka being there for its owners and a few others to drive, subject to the odd few quid being thrown in the pot! Judged a successful weekend event and a site well worth returning to with many areas still unexplored.

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