CamperJam 2014

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The 8090 Syncronauts seem to fit in well with the CamperJam Culture and they with us this time.
Dedicated Syncro camping area in our traditional spot far far away but not too near our usual neighbours, the Brazibay dance tent … too near and it makes you wanna dance all night and we can’t have that….can we?

We had about a dozen Syncronauts arrive and camp with us, well down on our normal contingent but all quality members of course so no problem there.

Fabzz and Carla brought along a really good large (bright red) gazebo and despite misgivings it was perfect.. once fitted out with fridge and about 100 litres of Jason’s Danish Red (matching) tinnies.. lovely stuff on a summers afternoon. Thanks you three… a great contribution.

It’s taken a time to get to grips with the CJam administration but with Committee member Rich Haslock playing lead fiddle in the liaison department with David we really seem to be getting there now. Secretary Neil sorted a ‘demo’ permit from the MSA, Rich took up the challenge and arranged good controlled access to ‘the Quarry’ adjacent to our allocated camping area.

Lots of rides for lots of people (a real roller-coaster is ‘the quarry’) and somehow £80 of donations were thrown our way, Tracy, Sharon and Jenny gathering them up from the long grass as fast as they could. Funds boosted!

Official photographers were detailed by CamperJam; they stood stood in strange elevated spots; then taken around un-ceremoniously by Jason and (more ceremoniously) Simon TMT and no doubt others – and absolutely loved it.

Great drinks Sat night treated to a hilarious regaling of being a Glastonbury staff worker by Harriet with the odd encouraging guffaw from Al… she really doesn’t take pity when you are in stitches however painful. Jed came over too and we had a pretty good evening at the fireside.

I have reported on the Saturday night laughs and despite copious coffees, too much walking about buying expensive things for maybe less than imminent purposes, Sunday was a lovely day too, especially since…

Rob DD & Jason HugoMan (the great unwashed, Er! the truck not the man I hope) won display prizes and surprised us all.  Congratulations both. And young HugoMonkey loves CJ methinks!

As usual the idea at CJ is to cruise off casually mid Sundernoon. Personally, we always visit the ‘big house’ as they have such a nice coffee girl, er, I mean barrista and relax strolling around the deli there.. their pork pies must be fameuse le monde (even the French liked them two years ago).