Coast to Coast May 2011

Lots of forum discussion here.

Originally the Syncronauts took on a random navigational challenge and treasure hunt over 3 days in 2007, organised chiefly by KevH, and Simon Baxter, which was really great success.

This time, seven or so took on this challenge, in two teams. Planned out by Neil Witt and Andy McClements it was intended as more of an off-road tour between the two coasts, without the competitive element of yesteryear.

Apparently, there was plenty of action with a few breakdowns, a broken arm and no doubt other excitements. We are all still in doubt as to who finally made it to Robin Hood’s Bay and who didn’t. What isn’t in doubt, is that everyone pulled together and helped those in mechanical trouble to get home safely, or to A&E if that happened to be their destination, so summing up, a triumph of team spirit.