Salisbury Plain Sept 2012

16th September 2012

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Six  vans go mad over Salisbury Plain, and not without an enormous amount of splashing about in deep clay coloured water too. (and more than one Syncro hit trouble or didn’t quite make it there).

Camped Friday/Sat night at Bell Campsite, Devizes (of 6X fame J) Nuff said this was good; Roger initially organised; had to call off due family; think Baz (Syncrobaz) deserves a mention for keeping the momentum up; and as always Neil Axeman & Sally are making things happen. Jed took 2 photos and had an AFM failure, not sure they were linked….

Jed’s video



Syncronauts did the plains before, fine as long as British Army are on hols and not lobbing shells over t’eads and I must say, ground is hard and unforgiving so can produce many an injury to your Syncro. Plenty of historicals a round that area too, a stopoff at the Henge O’Stones always a possibility. Ancient (megaliffic like) historicals I mean.