The IG 16 Tour of Germany

For those with a few more days or even two weeks to spare, and in order to celebrate 30 years of the Syncro, two members from the IG16 Club (Jorg & Heggy) had organised a round trip of Germany starting from the Berlin Busfest event midday Sunday – exclusively to introduce non-German Syncro owners to the country.
This headed East towards Dresden and at quite a pace took in an enormous Southern arc touching Czechoslovakia and Austria before looping up to Cologne and finally Hamburg.

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The tour stopped at many interesting places (e.g. the Zeppelin Museum, Friedrichshafen, off-road driving sites, notable city & cultural centres etc.) and each evening camped together, often being joined or even hosted by local IG16 members.
The concept was that local club members and visitors could join and leave the tour ad hoc, to suit their own plans and timescale.

* Our little drama…which sort of ‘made’ the trip ‘even more interesting’ 
Having broken down on the way from Berlin itself to Busfest (a story in itself), we had help, tools, translators and support from very many people too many to name. But Steve Theobold got down and dirty helping without batting an eyelid and got close to a diagnosis, James & Sally, the Aussies all supported us and Rob DutchDude insisted on staying with us after the show, whence we soon found a superb garage with keen VW guys who sorted it asap. We did additional touring and then by Wednesday night were off to Dresden for 3 days (fantastic) then finally drove across the middle of the country to rendezvous with the IG16 tour at Koblenz, where they were visiting and camping at a Basalt mine !