Syncropendence 2016

28 vehicles attended.

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Visitors included Stephan and Rob from Europe (who both toured around beforehand) and Sam and Lorcan from Ireland (LWB T5 Syncro). Max noticed that MacMillan’s Summer Lights fundraising initiative coincided with our event this year so we decided to see what we could do. A really fun raffle ensued Sat night that just went on and on and on  Thanks for the craziest and most generous gifts from so many members and to CamperVanCulture for their generous donations too. … leading to a desire to double our money at CJ… see later!


Driving featured fairly comprehensive induction for about 5 or so, working up to some pretty steep climbs and descents some getting a bit intimidating for newcomers but all I’m happy to say, were tackled confidently and successfully.
Others roamed far and wide, with Roger and others doing some ridiculous demo descents in the far woods and others some serious mud plugging in the ‘mudhole’.


 A river meadow German trial and grand ‘alignementes pour photographie’ (became a game of headless chickens very quickly ) completed most of the Sunday morning action.

All followed by 5 days around N. Wales for the few, including Lorcan and a very pregnant Sam who now have a lovely baby son. Also Rob Dutchdude and Jenny Tyger Clive HarryMann.. There were few highlights this year apart from rain (we took a coastal train from Shell Isle via Barmouth to Abergavenny and back,) but with the middling weather we did end up BritStop-ing it in a great pub carpark near lake Bala…Food fantastic, just ask for the tipoff .