Syncro Fuel Filter


Having trouble getting that old (original even) fuel filter out from behind the n/s suspension turret?


Ray: I need to change the petrol filter after putting diesal fuel in the tank during vanfest. I have drained the tank but I still get a little hesitation like fuel starvation occasionly and I thought I would change the filter before trying anything else. I had a quick look today and the filter is in a very inaccessable place and the fixings a bit corroded – any tips on getting it off to make life easier when I tackle the job over the weekend?


SyncroAndy: I did this recently. I’d already ordered up a spare filter and mounting brackets as I’d figured the old ones would be corroded to &*%! (I was right). You’l also need two fresh petrol hose clamps, obvioulsy.


I was lucky and able to get the two 10mm-head self-tappers holding the filter bracket in place off, once free the filter will move enough to get a dremel onto the clips and cut em off. Take out the old filter, then reassemble in reverse order. Oh yeah make sure you clean things up first to prevent dirt getting in, and I also did this a good time after the engine had run to let residual pressure dissipate.


Symcro: Ray, A big “Think!” sticker next to your fuel filler might be worth considering as well 🙂


Simon Baxter: My usual trick for those and indeed the other cars that share the same filter (MKIII Polo, MKIII Golf, Passat etc…) is to bend the lock tabs back to free the clamp from the bracket, then hachsaw the thread in the middle as you can never get the #3 philips screw undone. Then, hold the threaded rectangular section in the vice and unscrew the remeaining thread with mole grips, then replace the screw with a M6 (10mm head) set screw, with plenty of copperslip obviously. When you do plenty of these you soon find the quickest way!


HarryMann: Think it’s directional, should have a big arrow on it – hopefully pointing in the direction of flow!


VW Part Nos.


251 201 511 A (Filter, 2.1 DJ, MV, SR)


191 201 511 A (Filter 1.9 DG, SP)


251 201 679 (Bracket 2.1 )


251 813 599 (Threaded Plate M6)


N 010 348 A (Hex. screw M6 x 43)


Hoses (various) 7mm x3 mm; 5.5mm x 3 mm