Syncropendence 2008

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Where else can compare with the lovely hills above our campsite near Llanfyllin used for Syncropendence for the third year running…. Just for the camping by the river and impromptu camper picnics high up on the hills overlooking Llanfyllin it would be worth the journey there, but with such fun driving up and around this large hill-farm site thrown in for free, I’m sure we all realised how fortunate we were …. even a few hours sunshine over the weekend, or one fresh and clear evening is enough to put a smile on everyone’s faces.

The days were good, so no-one really minded some miserable drizzle at barbecue time, a couple of keen souls had a massive tarp linking the two awnings (one for foodies, one boozies) in no time, making it very communal when the showers came over.

Andy Tyke, an honorary non-Syncro guest set up a short-wave radio station nearby, providing another attraction, the Syncro-Campers corralled their wagons, and Johnny and brother brought his new quad-bike…a real corker of a Honda 4WD import, and enjoyed his time with us again.

AndySyncronutz’s video

Sharon’s video

Mark’s video

Re-engined now with a diesel again, the Project DoDoka was brought along by Pete Morril and Lewis; many got a go and some flayed the thing to within an inch of its life through ‘our’ secret splash pond, others waded it as deep as dare in the river and then was driven home happily under its own power, slowly, but reliably back to Cambridgeshire. Phew! Long may it turn up at our meetings…

After a magical time on the hills again, Sunday finally turned into a beautiful, mild and calm, star-studded evening later on for those around the campfire staying behind for the usual Monday winding down trip along local tracks and lanes.