Plymouth 2008

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Georgia’s Plymouth video

A long drive brought about a half dozen of us to a field near Plymouth at the end of May. This was a Syncronauts event organised by Committee member Roger Crocker, to fit in with a large VW meeting at the Plymouth Volksfest festival, demonstrate some Syncro stuff just above their festival site, and then use a disused quarry right next to the campsite for some Sunday driving… Roger also guided us out for a wonderful evening sightseeing along local lanes that gave splendid views of the coast near Plymouth.

There was quite enough good driving to make it all a very successful event, meeting more new faces and vehicles, and especially joining forces with a Baja Buggy group, for both days driving. We also met most of Roger and Julia’s family which was a pleasure, and some of them drove out with us the next day to play climb the steep chalk hill in the quarry… or was it descend the impossible descent, or maybe drive through the impossible undergrowth?


We met KarlIT Saturday and V-Lux arrived in his diesel van for the Sunday sessions. Was all very different yet as always, more experience gained and skills and judgement learnt.

Wind was the only problem, which became gale force both nights – we soon learnt about wind-screens – of the large and flappy type, but they worked so well after a bit of adjustment that we could soon just watch the horizontal wind and weather screech over our heads, eating and drinking in comparative comfort. As Roger said, as the wind hit another gust of 50~60 mph and the trees behind shrieked in agony – ‘welcome to sunny Devon!’

Many thanks to Roger and Julia for this WW4 Syncronaut event… Wild West; Windy Weather; Wacky Waces but Well Worthit springs to mind most 🙂 Deepest Devon is not that far away, honest!