Syncropendence 2019

Was a lovely weekend and think all enjoyed their driving meeting their friends and other families. And all the children who pal’d up so quickly and played together!
Thanks to all those who came, brought food for Best of British and those who organised marshalled and oversaw the event…

  • Sharon Chief on-site driving marshal
  • Jenny IT, admin bursar
  • Aidan Equipment logistics and ferry
  • Shaun and Fiona Punch Hunt etc
  • Gary and Josh English Trial etc
  • James Trailer reversing trial.
  • Aidan Neil and Dai for German trial
  • Ian for parachute team building
  • Nick for bringing the Colman shelter
  • Simon Subaru adventures beyond the call of duty
  • Tom and Gemma for winning the Goblet of Mire (transemiglobal expedition and mudhole adventure without trepidation)
  • Jed for goody bags
  • Peter Bootland for a clear round (German trial)
  • John Lucas for sheer enthusiasm and lots of firewood (well, all of it really)

Er… have I missed anyone ?