Salisbury Plain 2009

Chat and piccies on the syncro forum

On the syncro forum, Neil (Axeman) mooted a Salisbury Plains Lanes meeting. Neil found a friendly farmer near Wilton where about 10 units camped riverside; the weekend chosen was the end of August bank holiday, quite the best time as the British Army are on holiday all of August.

This was an excellent chance to see the plains and surrounding army training areas close-up driving many of the carriageways and getting some superb vistas across vast swathes of valleyland between ridges. Tip: Take a good pair of binoculars if you drive the plains.
A fair bit of on-site maintenance went on with several CVJs being knocked out…

P.S. Julia brought her best carrot cake, Jenny lots of jars of home-made jams, plums & greengages. Doug delivered countless sets of waffle boards, all meticulously cut to size and packaged to order – all in all, a very enjoyable and quite different event.

Jed’s Salisbury Plain video

Sharon’s bomb hole video